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Vose Apprentice is a special stage created for young souls who ceaselessly crave for knowledge and practical skills in the business and career realms. Participants will be guided on how to build and develop their own careers, and in doing this,Vose Apprentice will play its active role in facilitating the accomplishment of their goals of setting up their career base and then expanding such base. In plain words, all participants will go through a fruitful and productive phase of gaining knowledge and picking up skills essential to face all sorts of challenges in the real career world.

Upholding the values of commitment, dedication and excellence, Vose Apprentice will facilitate the setting up of participants’ careers in fragrances, popular products which have been highly on demand in this contemporary world where personal image and professional image as well as fashion have increasingly developed from being important to being necessary.


Working closely with Vose Vianne, a local provider of fragrances of refined quality at reasonable prices, Vose Apprentice will coach participants in the diverse aspects related to these beautiful and fascinating products. This program has garnered extremely positive support from experienced social media influencers and successful career men or women.


Opportunity knocks only once! Join us for a promising career building now.

The Missions of Vose Apprentice

  • To become the biggest career building stage for undegraduates  

  • To nurture 100,000 undergraduates in  Malaysia

  • To generate young career giants in Malaysia

  • To promote the spirit of "Build Your Own Kingdom"

  • Exclusively for University/College students aged 18 years old and above.

  • Zero fees

  • Step-by-step guidance

  • Preparation to face the real career world

  • Flexible and fun way of working

  • Gaining knowledge & skills and being independent financially

How to be part of Vose Apprentice?

  • Fill out the digital form uploaded on the official website of  Vose Apprentice.

  • Vose Apprentice will liaise with you through email or other communication means.

  • Effective and productive guidance on methods or strategies will be provided.

  • Begin to build your kingdom!

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