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Enigmatic & Charming

The combination of notes of V-Secret Lover produces an ideal enigmatic men’s fragrance. V-Secret Lover makes you a mysterious yet charming man. This fragrance is a mix of spicy, woody and herbal notes that take you from the sunrise to the nightfall. Opening the scent, its top notes of black pepper and ginger enliven the atmosphere and keep you energised, while the middle notes of cedar leaf and black basil are entirely fresh. The base notes of redwood and amber make it a pefect perfume for charming masculinity.


Enigmatic & Charming

Gabungan haruman-haruman dalam V-Secret Lover membentuk perfume yang sempurna untuk kaum lelaki yang ingin menonjolkan sifat misteri yang memikat hati. V-Secret Lover dibentuk daripada campuran haruman-haruman rempah, herba dan kayu haruman. Keharuman V-Secret Lover berkekalan dari saat matahari terbit sehingga malam menjelang. Ramuan yang digunakan termasuk lada hitam, halia, daun sedar, basil hitam, kayu merah dan ambar.



Products certified Halal by JAKIM.
1113-01-2015 MS 2200 PART 2:2012

V-Secret Lover

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