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Classy & Refreshing

V-Infinity captures the scents of iris and rose with the presence of morning dew. It unfolds with the freshness of citrus, making you feel presence of green juices and tenderness of flowers. Top notes consist of green sap and pink grapefruit. The heart of the perfume is colourful, with the scent of iris and rose, and the aroma is fresh and delicate. The base combines woody notes and heliotrope.




Bergaya & Menyegaran

V-Infinity menyebarkan haruman bunga iris and bunga ros dalam kesegaran embun pagi. Wangian in mengandungi kesegaran sitrus, dan anda akan merasai kehadiran anda dalam alam kehijauan dan kebungaan.




结合了鸢尾花和玫瑰的芬芳,再加上数滴令人心旷神怡的早露,V-Infinity 让您展现高雅的自己。



Products certified Halal by JAKIM.
1113-01-2015 MS 2200 PART 2:2012


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