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Relaxing & Carefree

V-Imagine is apt for creating a relaxing and carefree mood for women, oozing their “sunshine” mood. V-Imagine creates its first impression through its top notes of tangerine and mignonette plant. The scent then develops into delicate floral middle notes of rose, peach flower, iris and lily. Providing the lasting impression is its perfect blend of cedar wood and sandalwood, adding a relaxing and fresh touch.




Relaxing & Carefree

V-Imagine melukis alam yang nyaman, riang, cerah and tenang melalui keharuman yang terhasil daripada limau tangerin, inai, bunga lili, bunga iris, ros, bunga pic, kayu sedar and kayu cendana. V-Imagine sesuai digunakan pada waktu siang hari keana perfume ini merangsangkan perasaan penuh keceriaan.







Products certified Halal by JAKIM.
1113-01-2015 MS 2200 PART 2:2012


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