Peppermint Essential Oil (India)

Common Name:

Peppermint Essential Oil


Botanical Name:

Mentha Piperita


Country of Origin:



Aromatic Description:

Herbaceous & Minty


Plant Part:

Whole Plant


Extraction Method:

Steam Distillation


100% Pure Organic & Concentrated Peppermint Oil

• 100% Pure & Natural

• Therapeutic Grade

• Aromatherapy Essential Oil

• Cruelty-Free and Vegan

• Undiluted


Discover the Fascinations of Vose Vianne Peppermint Essential Oil

1. Eliminates dandruff

  • Application: Add 4-5 drops of essential oil to your hair shampoo or conditioner, apply it and gently massage your scalp.

2. Overcomes greasy hair, stimulates scalp and hair growth

  • Applicati