Fragrance Diffuser Rosemary - Tunisia

Fragrance Diffuser Rosemary - Tunisia

Diffuser Product Info

The captivating fragrance will infuse the air with luxurious scent for up to 6 weeks.


Diffusion TIME

Up to 6 Weeks. Refills are available for continuous enjoyment of this unique handmade piece. Flip the sticks occasionally to intensify the fragrance.

Designed to effectively absorb and release fragrances, leaving you with a continuous flow of extraordinary scents throughout your space. It is presented in a mouth blown glass apothecary bottle. The captivating fragrance will infuse the air with luxurious scent for up to 6 weeks.


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Botanical Name:

Rosmarinus officinalis


Country of Origin:



Aromatic Description:

Herbaceous & Evergreen


Plant Part:



Extraction Method:

Steam distillation


100% Pure Organic & Concentrated Rosemary Oil

• 100% Pure & Natural

• Therapeutic Grade

• Aromatherapy Essential Oil

• Cruelty-Free and Vegan

• Undiluted


Discover the Fascinations of Vose Vianne Rosemary Essential Oil

1. Overcomes dandruff, seborrhea and greasy hair

2. Stimulates scalp and hair growth when a few drops are added to hair shampoo or conditioner

3. Soothes dermatitis and eczema

4. Provides a remedy for scabies

5. Reduces or eliminates muscular pain

6. Provides a relief from headaches, mental fatigue, nervous exhaustion and stress-related disorders

    7. Improves alertness and enhances focus

    8. Eases palpitations

    9. Boosts the immune system

    10. Serves as an insect deterrent


    Fragrance Diffuser Package

    • 1 fragrance diffuser bottle

    • 5 reed diffuser stick

    • 1 bottle of Rosemary Tunisia premium essential oil


    Tags: / apply / brown / diffuse / single-note / pure essential oil  / premium / reduce nervous tension / relieve pain / increase circulation

    Fragrance Diffuser Rosemary - Tunisia



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