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Weddings are special occasions, not only for the bride and groom, but also for everyone else who comes to witness the couple’s union, particularly families and friends. As a sign of gratitude and appreciation for guests who send their blessings to you and celebrate such a momentous milestone together with you, you would be thoughtful to ensure they enjoy every bit of the celebration—from food and beverage, all the way down to the decorations, entertainment and gift!

One way you can make your wedding an outstanding and astounding experience for your guests is by including this one-of-a-kind, bespoke perfume by Vose Vianne. On your most beautiful day, treat your guests with a unique perfume from Vose Vianne.

The day you say "I do" is one of the most special moments in your entire life. To express your warmest gratitude to your guests in your own extraordinary way, Vose Vianne is the perfect choice.


Vose Vianne introduces a whole new range of wedding fragrances, ones that are highly customized for your most blissful day! Your guests will receive bespoke wedding fragrances specifically selected by the bride and groom — a sweet representation of the bride's and groom’s own love story. This extra thoughtful touch makes the perfume a meaningful gift that captures the sweetest moments as beautiful memories.


Vose Vianne's wedding perfumes for women and men are all available in lovable 5ML spray bottles. All Vose Vianne perfumes purchased from Vose Vianne's official online store are also creatively and exclusively packaged in lovely gift boxes.


A distinguished, elegant and refined fragrance from Vose Vianne will be a joyous surprise for your guests, and it will leave an unforgettable scents of love, joy and bliss on your wedding day!


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Delivery: It will take 2 - 7 working days after you place your order. 
Working hours: Monday-Friday (9am-5pm).

All prices are list prices and do not include shipping. 

Customised Perfume EDP - 5ML & 10ML