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Elegant & Classic
V-Elite empowers you with an enchanting sense of femininity through its authentic and spellbinding scent.With a concoction of assorted floral and fruity ingredients, its charms through a harmonious accord of fragrance notes - refreshing floral, fruity top, hearts notes and natural aromatic base notes.




Anggun & Klasik
V-Elite memberi anda satu aroma kewanitaan yang mempesona dan menawan hati. Dengan kombinasi haruman flora and buah yang terpilih, V-Elite memikat melalui wangian yang segar and semulajadi.




结合特别混合的花与果香,V-Elite 这经典之作让您散发无法挡的女人魅力,在人前留下美好印象。



Products certified Halal by JAKIM.
1113-01-2015 MS 2200 PART 2:2012


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RM85.00Sale Price