Siberian Green Crystal & Palmarosa (India)

Crystal Energy & Aromatherapy


Siberian Green Crystal

Enchanting Attractions:

• Alertness

• Agility

• Wealth

• Wisdom


Originating from Siberia, Siberia-Green Crystal is a symbol of wealth, fortune and prosperity. It has a natural power to promote relaxation, calmness and equanimity.


It encourages healing and brings hope, freedom, positivity and optimism to your life.

How to Use
1  Drip 8-10 drops of Vose Vianne Premium Essential Oil on the crystal. Ensure the oil is dripped on all the spots on the surface instead of dripping it on just one spot.
2. Cover the crystal with the glass cover for a few minutes. 
3. Take the glass cover off and let the scent disperse.
4. Cover it again with the glass cover when you would like to stop diffusing.


Crystal Energy & Aromatherapy Package

1 unit of Siberian Green Crystal set & 1 bottle of 10ML Palmarosa (India) Premium Essential Oil

Siberian Green Crystal & Palmarosa (India)

  • Q: Why is crystal able to diffuse aroma?
    A: A crystal consists of many tiny pores on its surface which enable the storage of essential oil. Vose Vianne Premium Essential Oils have good permeability. This enhances the ability of the crystal to store and diffuse the scent.


    Q: Is the colour of the crystal artificial? 
    A: No, the crystal is NOT artificially coloured. Both its colour and texture form in a natural process.


    Q: Will the colour fade after the crystal is used to diffuse scent with essential oil?
    A: The colour will NOT fade after diffusing.


    Q: Does the crystal have expiry date? 
    A: No, as crystals do not decompose.


    Q: Can you change your essential oil and use it on the same crystal?
    A: Yes, you can, only after the crystal has completely diffused the previous scent. This means it is clean or free of the previous scent; otherwise, the new and previous scents will combine to form a different scent.


    Q: How many drops of Vose Vianne Premium Essential Oil are needed each time you diffuse?
    A: It is 8-10 drops, and the scent will stay for about a week. After a week, you can add a few more drops of the oil if you would like the scent to remain strong.


    Q: Do I cover the crystal with the glass cover when diffusing?
    A: No. You cover it with the glass cover only after diffusing.

    • Keep your crystal stone from heat or direct sun
    • Keep it out of reach of children