Bergamot essential oil has abundant uses, and it exists in many forms, including gels, lotions, soaps, shampoos, sprays, and candles. It enjoys a reputation to be able to enhance mood, raise spirits and relieve lethargy. It acts as a natural air freshener that creates a refreshed atmosphere and adds a soothing aroma to your space. By using it in as natural deodorant, bergamot essential can eliminate the bacteria that causes body odor. The citrus scent of bergamot oil makes it a freshening spray for eliminating uncomfortable odors.


+ 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade

+ Pure and Organic

+ All-Natural, Steam Distilled, Eco-Friendly

+ Non-chemical, Non-metal, Non-toxic, No Additives, Unfiltered, Undiluted (no Fillers)






  • Like other citrus fruits, bergamot has a citrusy aroma. However, having more than this citrusy aroma, bergamot essential oil also possesses a beautiful sunny, floral note. This combination makes it exhilarating, refreshing, and invigorating. This relaxing, soothing aroma would turn your  living space into a green citrus garden with a rejuvenating fragrance.

  • 1) Natural SuitCase / Wardrobe Freshener
    Put a couple of drops to the suitcase or wardrobe for a freshening effect.


    2) Natural Carpet Freshener
    Add sufficient drops of essential oil to clean water in a spray bottle. Freshen your carpet by spraying the carpet and let it dry. You can also apply the spray to rugs.


    3) Mist
    Drip a few drops into clean water in a spray bottle. Spray the essential oil mist on your curtains, pillows, cushions, bed sheets or mattresses to add a beautiful scent to these items.


    4) Bath
    Use a few drops in your bath water, and you will relax or unwind in a nice-smelling or aromatic bath.


    5) Air Freshener
    Add drops of essential oil to your favourite diffuser to create an energizing atmosphere and to uplift your mood.


    6) Himalayan Bath Salt Enhancer
    Maximize the benefits of your Himalayan salt bath with a few drops of essential oil of your choice.


    7) Inhalation
    This technique helps to clear your head and nose.


    8) Diffusers & Burners
    A natural air freshener, this technique creates a relaxing ambiance and mood.


    --- Recommendation ---
    For every 100ml of water, use 10-15 drops of essential oil.