Male Fragrance Series #3:【Waterfall】That creates a captivating magical symphony

Male Fragrance Series#3Waterfall】

Visualize a waterfall which tumbles into a pool of water as clear as crystal, swishing over the rocks joyfully and running in the serene forest. The gentle scents of forest flowers and green plants fill the air, forming a captivating magical symphony. The scents of V-Momentous and V-Majesty give you this enticing magical quality.

V-MOMENTOUS | Delightful & Pleasing

If you desire to make your presence a delightful and remarkable moment, V-Momentous is for you. V-Momentous blossoms with the notes of apple, bergamot and lemon.

At the core of this perfume are the outstanding notes of teakwood and rose, followed by the enduring base scents of vanilla and musk.

#Waterfall #VoseVianneSeries #vMomentous/30ml

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V-MAJESTY | Energising & Refreshing

Timeless perfume option for men of all ages. It comprises green notes of fern combined with citrus fruits such as bergamot and pineapple.   These ingredients work in harmony with notes of soft lavender, geranium and juniper for an energetic and refreshing yet relaxing fragrance.

#Waterfall #VoseVianneSeries #vMajesty/30ml

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√ EAU DE PARFUM 65% + NATURAL ESSENCE, Vegetable oils, Vitamin C

√ 100% Long Lasting 8 hours

√ by Verify Halal and JAKIM

√ Safety, Cleanliness, Good quality, Hygienic, Nutritious, Authentic

√ Postage 100% Bubble Wrap


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