The Scent of Love on Your Wedding Day

Vose Vianne The Fragrance That Sends A Message Of Love

Weddings are special occasions, not only for the bride and groom, but also for everyone else who comes to witness the couple’s union, particularly families and friends. As a sign of gratitude and appreciation for guests who send their blessings to you and celebrate such a momentous milestone together with you, you would be thoughtful to ensure they enjoy every bit of the celebration—from food and beverage, all the way down to the decorations, entertainment and gift!

One way you can make your wedding an outstanding and astounding experience for your guests is by including this one-of-a-kind, bespoke perfume by Vose Vianne. On your most beautiful day, treat your guests with a unique perfume from Vose Vianne.

The day you say "I do" is one of the most special moments in your entire life. To express your warmest gratitude to your guests in your own extraordinary way, Vose Vianne is the perfect choice.

Vose Vianne introduces a whole new range of wedding fragrances, ones that are highly customized for your most blissful day! Your guests will receive bespoke wedding fragrances specifically selected by the bride and groom — a sweet representation of the bride's and groom’s own love story. This extra thoughtful touch makes the perfume a meaningful gift that captures the sweetest moments as beautiful memories.

Vose Vianne's wedding perfumes for women and men are all available in lovable 5ML or 30ML spray bottles. All Vose Vianne perfumes purchased from Vose Vianne's official online store are also creatively and exclusively packaged in lovely gift boxes.

A distinguished, elegant and refined fragrance from Vose Vianne will be a joyous surprise for your guests, and it will leave an unforgettable scents of love, joy and bliss on your wedding day!

The 16 Best Wedding EDP Perfumes



V-Elite empowers you with an enchanting sense of femininity through its authentic and spellbinding scent. With a concoction of assorted floral and fruity ingredients, its charms through a harmonious accord of fragrance notes - refreshing floral, fruity top, hearts notes and natural aromatic base notes.


The uniqueness of V-Euphoria lies in its opening freshness and delicateness of freesia, middle notes of jasmine, magnolia and  base notes of musk. V-Euphoria envelops you in an indescribable warm sensation of fragrance.


V-Devotion is a floral and fruity fragrance for women. It begins with a concoction of notes of apple leaf and mandarin oranges. The refreshing middle notes are enriched with fresh freesia and magnolia. Lingering at the base of V-Devotion is a trail of white iris and musk.


V-Fame is a mix of floral and fruity accords to produce a dynamic combination. Its top notes emit the elixir of passionfruit, pineapple, grapefruit and sweet strawberry, spreading a tempting scent and fresh energy. The middle notes of orchid, jasmine and lily create a floral romance. Its base notes of heady musk and woody facets and other ingredients all form a charming scent.


As a glamorous feminine fragrance, V-Fashionista is a beautiful mix of floral, fruity and woody scents. This is the perfect perfume for a long day. The first revelation of its scent is an enticing combination of peach, pear, magnolia and bergamot before it unfolds into an overwhelming aromas of orchid, lily, rose, jasmine and freesia. Musk, cedar, and blackberry form the base notes of this irresistible fragrance.


V-Imagine is apt for creating a relaxing and carefree mood for women, oozing their “sunshine” mood. V-Imagine creates its first impression through its top notes of tangerine and mignonette plant.The scent then develops into delicate floral middle notes of rose, peach flower, iris and lily. Providing the lasting impression is its perfect blend of cedar wood and sandalwood, adding a relaxing and fresh touch.

V-Lady Vose

V-Lady Vose is a representation of the feminine mystery. Creating youthful and beautiful feelings, V-Lady Vose begins to astonish with the top notes of apple and vanilla. The middle notes of lotus then unfolds, shining with romantic vibes. It also charms with the warm and lingering base notes of vanilla and sandalwood.

V-Sweet Promise

V-Sweet Promise is a floral and fresh fragrance for women. The top notes consist of freesia, orange and grapefruit. While pomegranate, lily and lotus forms the middle notes, musk and sandalwood form the base tones.


Giving you a feeling of being natural and contemporary, VOSE 7 is a fragrance that satiates the olfactory desire of modern females. This contemporary fragrance opens with top notes of bergamot, cardamom and pineapple. It flourishes into a delightful middle notes of of jasmine, lily and rose with a touch of nutmeg. Its base notes of musk and green tea round out this beautiful scent.




V-Esteem is a fragrance of style and sensuality for the male of the 21st century. With a lavish and rich masculine appeal, V-Esteem expresses influential manliness of a trendy world. The presence of V-Esteem appeals most pleasantly to your senses and sets an alluring masculine tone that can hardly be forgotten.

V-Love Hunter

This uplifting male fragrance symbolizes sophisticated masculine spirit. V-Love Hunter begins to manifest itself with a luxurious freshness of aromatic and woody notes. This freshness liberates into an energizing aroma of cedar and jasmine. The fragrance lingers on with a fascinating and enigmatic trail of ginger and sandalwood.


V-Majesty is a timeless perfume option for men of all ages. It comprises green notes of fern combined with citrus fruits such as bergamot and pineapple. These ingredients work in harmony with notes of soft lavender, geranium and juniper for an energetic and refreshing yet relaxing fragrance.


If you desire to make your presence a delightful and remarkable moment, V-Momentous is for you. V-Momentous blossoms with the notes of apple, bergamot and lemon.At the core of this perfume are the outstanding notes of teakwood and rose, followed by the enduring base scents of vanilla and musk.

V-Secret Lover

The combination of notes of V. Secret Lover produces an ideal enigmatic men’s fragrance. V-Secret Lover makes you a mysterious yet charming man. This fragrance is a mix of spicy, woody and herbal notes that take you from the sunrise to the nightfall. Opening the scent, its top notes of black pepper and ginger enliven the atmosphere and keep you energised, while the middle notes of cedar leaf and black basil are entirely fresh. The base notes of redwood and amber make it a pefect perfume for charming masculinity.


Masculine, passionate and stimulating are descriptives fit for V-VIP. The fragrance begins to impress with a refreshing splash of freshness of bergamot and mandarin orange. This is followed by the nuances of white musk, cedar and sandalwood, then it lasts with the enticing aroma of ginger, nutmeg and amber.

Vose 9 (UNISEX)

Giving you a feeling of being sophisticated and contemporary, Vose 9 is a male fragrance that touches the olfactory sense of males. This contemporary fragrance begins with top notes of bergamot, cardamom and pineapple. It unfolds into a delightful middle notes of of jasmine, lily and rose with a touch of nutmeg. Its base notes of musk, green tea and amber perfects this masculine scent.


Female Fragrance:

Male Fragrance:

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