Male Fragrance Series #2 that creates the first impression and leave the lasting impression

Male Fragrance Series: #2【Office 180】

Fragrance is unseen, yet it is a requisite for your professional style, and it has a powerful effect on how people see, react to and remember you. A fragrance that shapes your professional style, such as V. Esteem, makes you feel more charming and influential at work.

V-Esteem | Manly & Seductive

V-Esteem is a fragrance of style and sensuality for the male of the 21st century. With a lavish and rich masculine appeal.   V-Esteem expresses influential manliness of a trendy world. The presence of V-Esteem appeals most pleasantly to your senses and sets an alluring masculine tone that can hardly be forgotten.

#Office180VoseVianneMaleSeries #Esteem/30ml

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√ EAU DE PARFUM 65% + NATURAL ESSENCE, Vegetable oils, Vitamin C

√ 100% Long Lasting 8 hours

√ by Verify Halal and JAKIM

√ Safety, Cleanliness, Good quality, Hygienic, Nutritious, Authentic

√ Postage 100% Bubble Wrap


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