Female Fragrance Series #3 that delight your olfactory sense with enticing scents of flora

Female Fragrance Series #3:【Flower Chat Room】

Strolling into a picturesque flower market adorned with a sea of youthful buds and blossoming flowers, you will be blown away by the delicate and heavenly wafts of floral scents. Fragrances of "Flower Chat Room" conjure up images of a heart-stopping flower market that delights your olfactory sense with enticing scents of flora.

V-Sweet Promise | Merry & Enthusiastic

floral and fresh fragrance for women. The top notes consist of freesia, orange and grapefruit. While pomegranate, lily and lotus forms the middle notes, musk and sandalwood form the base tones.

#FlowerChatRoomVoseVianneFragranceSeies V-SweetPromise/30ml

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√ EAU DE PARFUM 65% + NATURAL ESSENCE, Vegetable oils, Vitamin C

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