Female Fragrance#4:【EveningBeachWalk】The lavish fragrance heaven that is so alluring & irresistible

Female Fragrance Series #3:【Evening Beach Walk】

Perfumes of "Evening Beach Walk" by Vose Vianne surprise you with a real feeling of sauntering along a sunset beach, sinking your feet into fine and soft sand. When you are showered with the sea breeze, when the golden streaks lavishly cast on the sea, the sunset heaven is so alluring and irresistible.

V-Imagine | Relaxing & Carefree

is apt for creating a relaxing and carefree mood for women, oozing their “sunshine” mood. V-Imagine creates its first impression through its top notes of tangerine and mignonette plant. The scent then develops into delicate floral middle notes of rose, peach flower, iris and lily. Providing the lasting impression is its perfect blend of cedar wood and sandalwood, adding a relaxing and fresh touch.

Exclusively designed perfume boxes by Vose Vianne.

#EveningBeachWalkVoseVianneSeries #V-Imagine/30ml

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VOSE 7 | Natural & Contemporary

Giving you a feeling of being natural and contemporary, VOSE 7 is a fragrance that satiates the olfactory desire of modern females. This contemporary fragrance opens with top notes of bergamot, cardamom and pineapple. It flourishes into a delightful middle notes of of jasmine, lily and rose with a touch of nutmeg. Its base notes of musk and green tea round out this beautiful scent.

Suitable for outdoor activities and all four seasons, endurability more than 6 hours

#EveningBeachWalkVoseVianneSeries #Vose7/30ml

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√ EAU DE PARFUM 65% + NATURAL ESSENCE, Vegetable oils, Vitamin C

√ 100% Long Lasting 8 hours

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