Vose Vianne Best Essential Oils for Hair That Work Wonders

Essential oils are a tried-and-true remedy that can enhance your hair care routine.

Essential oils are distilled from the plant itself, and they have the characteristic smell of the plant they came from and are highly concentrated. For example, over 480 pounds of lavender flowers are needed to make a single litre of lavender oil.

You may have read about the use of essential oils for aromatherapy. However, these special oils do a lot more than just diffusing. They have numerous benefits, and one such use is in combating various hair problems. Essential oils, such as lavender and lemongrass, also possess many qualities that help nourish and strengthen hair, while leaving it looking and smelling great.

Dandruff, hair fall, breakage, dry hair, itchy scalp, hair-thinning, dry scalp, stunted-hair growth, we lose approximately 50-100 hair strands each day. There are many factors that can impact hair health. Are you searching for solutions to these hair problems? Well, if yes, then this article is for you! It speaks about how you can tackle hair related problems in one of the most natural ways - by essential oils for hair.

You only need a few drops of essential oil. You can mix one or more types in a shampoo or conditioner. After applying the oil mixture, cover your head with a towel or shower cap. You can wash the treatment after 20-30 minutes. The amount you use will depend on your hair texture.

Essential oils offer an affordable, accessible, and relatively low-risk way to nourish your scalp, hair follicles, and locks without the harsh or harmful chemicals found in conventional hair care products. They are highly concentrated aromatic compounds extracted from tree or plant material such as, roots, leaves, flowers, bark, resin, and fruit.

Below is the list of Vose Vianne Premium Essential Oils that could solve various hair complications and assist in healthy growth.

1. Lavender Essential Oil (Spain)

Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia) can speed up hair growth and improve scalp health. Lavender oil is also a known antibacterial and antifungal which helps to keep your scalp and hair follicles healthy and clear of any microbes that may impede hair growth.

Lavender Essential Oil is stated to have antibacterial and antifungal components. This aids in the healthy maintenance of your hair and the follicles, improving your scalp's health considerably. Lavender oil can also be helpful for other hair issues like hair loss, thinning, breakage, dryness, and dandruff.

Another added benefit of using Lavender Essential Oil is its ability to soothe your scalp (and your mind) courtesy of its natural sedative properties. Lavender oil is also an excellent sedative and sleep aid that helps to lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

You can mix several drops of Vose Vianne Lavender Essential Oil into 3 tablespoons of carrier oil and apply it directly to your scalp. Leave it in for at least 10 minutes before washing it out and shampooing as you normally would. You can do this several times per week.


2. Cedarwood Essential Oil (Virginia)

When it comes to Cedarwood, it's all about the scalp. Cedarwood Essential Oil is prominent for its ability to cleanse and improve the circulation of the scalp. If you face stunted hair growth, this oil can revive the healthy growth of hair and reduce thinning by balancing the oil-producing glands in the scalp. It even possesses anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that could combat dandruff formation and related issues.

Mix a few drops of Vose Vianne Cedarwood Essential Oil with 2 tablespoons of a carrier oil of your choice. Apply the mixture and use your fingers to really massage it in. For the best results, let it sit on your scalp for 30 minutes before washing it out.


3. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (Madagascar)

The Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is beneficial, especially for those who have dry, rough, and brittle hair. As lack of enough oil and sebum causes hair to become dry and brittle, Ylang-Ylang can improve hair texture, reduce hair breakage. balances the oil on the scalp, strengthens the hair follicles, and conditions the scalp.

Ylang-Ylang oil is ideal for those with dry scalps, as it’s a natural conditioner, and also helps to stimulate the sebaceous glands, which keeps the hair naturally moisturized. And because it has antiseptic properties, it can be used as a hair treatment for other hair conditioners, namely lice.

Mix 2-4 drops of Vose Vianne Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 2 tablespoons of carrier oil or conditioner. Massage it into your scalp, and wrap your head with a warm towel. Leave it in for 30 minutes before washing it out.


4. Peppermint Essential Oil (India)

Peppermint Essential Oil can cause a cold, tingling feeling when it increases circulation to the area it’s applied to. This can help promote hair growth during the anagen (or growing) phase. Peppermint oil is ideal for those with oilier hair types.

Peppermint Essential Oil helps to stimulate your scalp and hair follicles, and also stimulates blood circulation to the skin, which can help with increasing dermal thickness, follicle number, and follicle depth. Due to the increase in the stimulation, it supports the healthy growth of hair.

Research has shown that menthol has the potential to dilate the blood vessels beneath the skin where it is applied, increasing blood flow to the area. Increased blood flow to the scalp is good because blood carries oxygen and nutrients, which at the very least can improve the health of the hair follicles, and ultimately help in terms of hair growth.

Mix 2-4 drops of Vose Vianne Peppermint Essential Oil with the carrier oil of your choice. Massage it into your scalp, and leave on for 5 minutes before washing out thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner.


5. Blue Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Australia)

Did you know about the efficacy of applying Eucalyptus Essential Oil for the hair? Blue Eucalyptus Essential Oil has numerous medicinal benefits and this oil contains antiseptic elements that could eradicate the growth of lice or nits from the hair shafts. It even promotes healing in case of any injuries or bruises on the scalp. Cosmetic application of this oil can nourish the hair, encourage hair growth, and reduce itchy flakes and associative dryness.

Mix 2-4 drops of Vose Vianne Blue Eucalyptus Essential Oil into your shampoo or conditioner and make sure it’s massaged into your scalp.

6. Sweet Basil Essential Oil (Vietnam)

Sweet Basil Essential Oil rejuvenates the hair strands and imparts a freshness to the hair, allowing them to be easily manageable. Sweet Basil Essential Oil is known to diminish or slow down hair loss, thereby increasing the volume of hair over some time. It can soothe the hair shafts and clarify it as well, leaving your hair feel bouncy and voluminous. Not only this, it also provides hydration and softens your tresses. The oil regulates sebum production in the scalp, which encourages robust hair growth.

You can mix 2-4 drops of Vose Vianne Sweet Basil Essential Oil into your shampoo or conditioner and make sure it’s massaged into your scalp.


7. Rosemary Essential Oil (Tunisia)

Rosemary Essential Oil is the first essential oil that comes to mind when thinking about ways to improve both your hair thickness and hair growth. Rosemary Essential Oil is a great choice thanks to its ability to improve cellular generation.

Rosemary Oil stimulates hair growth by dilating the blood vessels and promoting cell division in the scalp, thus delivering the nutrients and oxygen needed for follicles to grow. Because of its powerful antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties, Rosemary Essential Oil is also an excellent dandruff destroyer since the condition is known to be caused by a type of fungal overgrowth.

Mix several drops of Vose Vianne Rosemary Essential Oil with olive or coconut oil, and apply it to your scalp. Leave it in for at least 10 minutes before washing it out with shampoo. Do this twice per week for best results.


8. Lemongrass Essential Oil (Guatemala)

Dandruff can be a common ailment, and having a healthy, flake-free scalp is an important part of hair health. Lemongrass oil is an effective dandruff treatment. Lemongrass Essential Oil on the scalp is known to strengthen the hair shafts and stimulate hair growth. It contains anti fungal and antibacterial properties, giving relief from itchy scalp and dry scalp or hair.

Mix a few drops of Vose Vianne Lemongrass Essential Oil into your shampoo or conditioner twice a week, and make sure it’s massaged into your scalp.