Female Fragrance Series #2: A fragrance that is as rejuvenating as afternoon tea

Female Fragrance Series #2:【Afternoon Tea】

As working class, you can imagine too well a city life of very fast tempo, a life occupied with meetings, schedules, tasks and targets. Amid all these daily routines, if you can have an interval of afternoon tea, sipping aromatic tea or rich coffee, and savouring delectable treats, in the company of harmonious music, you will feel revitalised. V-Euphoria is a fragrance that is as rejuvenating as afternoon tea.

V-Euphoria - Classy & Radiant

The uniqueness of V-Euphoria lies in its opening freshness and delicateness of freesia, middle notes of jasmine, magnolia and base notes of musk. V-Euphoria envelops you in an indescribable warm sensation of fragrance.

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√ EAU DE PARFUM 65% + NATURAL ESSENCE, Vegetable oils, Vitamin C

√ 100% Long Lasting 8 hours

√ by Verify Halal and JAKIM

√ Safety, Cleanliness, Good quality, Hygienic, Nutritious, Authentic

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