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A Unique Experience of Scent and Quality

Motivated and driven by an aspiration to bring the most natural scents into life, thus enabling people to enjoy a beautiful daily life through these unique scents of the finest quality, Vose Vianne Sdn Bhd began its road map for realising this vision in January 2017. Vose Vianne Sdn Bhd was formerly known as Sense & Scent Venture which was established in January 2017. Vose Vianne Sdn Bhd has since progressed rapidly by expanding and developing its products from initially perfumes and essential oils to now a wide range of products, all distributed under its brand Vose Vianne.


To produce and provide personal wellness, personal care, skincare, household hygiene and fragrance-based products from the most natural ingredients and of the finest quality


To continuously expand the range and variety of products with the most natural ingredients and of the highest quality


To bring the most natural, beautiful scents and high-quality fragrance-based products into the life of every household


Formulated by its fragrance specialist, the Winner of Paris Luxury Awards, Vose Vianne Sdn Bhd’s products have been broadened and diversified to include various fragrance-related categories, consisting of:


Premium Essential Oils

100% pure and natural premium essential oils extracted from the finest natural ingredients native to different locations in the world


Luxury Candles

Luxury scented candles


plant-based and enriched by pure essential oils

Hand Care

  1. Aloe vera sanitizer (enriched by black tea and clary sage pure essential oils)

  2. Aloe vera sanitizer (enriched by lemon verbena and bergamot pure essential oils)

  3. Aloe vera sanitizer (enriched by lavender and rosemary  essential oils)

  4. Plant-based (olive oil) fluid hand soap (enriched by black tea and Irish pure essential oils)

  5. Plant-based (olive oil) fluid hand soap (enriched by orange blossom and lemon verbena pure essential oils)

  6. Plant-based (olive oil) fluid hand soap (enriched by bergamot and lemongrass pure essential oils)

Body Care

  1. Plant-based (olive oil) body wash (enriched by lavender and black tea pure essential oils)

  2. Plant-based (olive oil) body wash (enriched by cedarwood, vetiver, bergamot and lemon pure essential oils)

  3. Plant-based body wash (british rose)

  4. Hydrating Body Oil (enriched by lavender essential oil)

  5. Hydrating Body Oil (enriched by geranium essential oil)

Hair Care

  1. Plant-based (olive, argan and coconut oils) hair shampoo (enriched by tuberose pure essential oils)

  2. Plant-based (olive and argan oils) body wash (enriched by rose and geranium pure essential oils)

Skin Care

  1. Natural glow hydrating face serum

  2. Facial moisturizer spray (Rose & Pink Grapefruit)

  3. Softening Turkish rose hand cream


Personal Care Items

Products in the pipeline in the nearest time comprise:

Body Conscious_edited.jpg

Body Care

Rear View of a Woman

Body Lotion

Eye Serum
Beautiful Skin
Living Room

Anti-aging Serum

Pigmentation Serum

Household Hygiene Items


Branded Box

Serving as OEM in personal care items

Brown Containers

Producing and customising personal care items according to specific production needs

Branded Logo

Providing corporate gifts on various occasions

Gift Box

Providing personal gifts for various occasions, festive seasons, events and celebrations


Participation in International and Local Trade Fairs

Vose Vianne has also actively participated in various trade fairs or events, both locally and internationally, to continuously create our product awareness. These events or fairs include:

Year 2021

  1.  KL Fashion Weekend

Year 2020

  1.  India International Halal Expo 2020 at Hyderabad, India

Year 2019

  1. Thailand Halal Assembly 2019 at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre

  2. MPOB International Palm Oil Congress and PIPOC Exhibition, KLCC Convention Centre, 

  3. MACCOPS at Persada Convention Centre, Johor, Malays

  4. LSE RECODE, Shaping the 4th Industrial Revolution with Blockchain, Bank Negara 
    Malaysia, Malaysia

  5. Malaysia Private Label Expo (MaPLE), CIMB Islamic, Malaysia



Collaborations with and Promotions through Various Platforms

  1. U Mobile

  2. My FM

  3. Melody FM

  4. Serunai

  5. Verify Halal

  6. Albaloo

  7. Amazon

  8. BigSALE

  9. Lazada

  10. Shopee

As a continuous effort, we will enumerate new products on our list to benefit more users from diverse groups. Striving towards our clear and unmistakable vision, we are also committed to making all our users feel truly contented with a beautiful life nourished by a unique experience of scent and quality.

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